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  • Hi may you change my new to the site thread to db8er's build thread and delete my other build thread please and thank you.
    hi im new here i just bought an integra 95 gsr and i just wanna know the legal mods i can have here in cali and if you could give me a price for all the upgrades thats good for my car....and im from vallejo and a filipino thanks bro and if i can have your phone number s oi can call you if ever i need something else abuot my car my phone number is 707 567 3675 thanks again...if ever ill be in vallejo this weekend if we ca nmeet i could show you the car and give me an idea if i should keep it or get a new integra or what ever is better thanks man
    hey Sam i was wondering if i buy a GSR engine and ecu will i be able to fully do a c5 swap with an LS Body
    hey wats up bro i have question I wanna take my power steering off my car and i noticed that it has 2 lines running (i think but im pretty sure) into my transmission and wanted to know if i could use a U shaped hose or sumthing???
    whats up man got a realy quick ? i just replaced my cmc and my csc and it wil go into gear now but its still kinda hard to ge into gear think its my clutch >? pressure plate
    yo i got a question i think u may be able to help me out with my throttle body has a hole before the buttlerfly what is that hole connected to cuz what ever is right there is stuck open givein me a high idle and im lookin at alldata and it give me no data (1990 integra b20b swap)
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