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    Friend has a sub-100k mile 97 LS auto... questions for forum:

    5k sounds too high to me, you can buy GS-Rs in good condition for that much or less. Id offer him 3k and go from there if you really like the car. OK condition doesn't sound like something that would command a premium price , unless it is in mint condition and all of the maintenance has been...

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    Torque Mounts for 98 Integra GS-R

    The majority of them are very easy to install if you are generally experienced with working on vehicles and have all of the tools needed, including jacks and various sizes of sockets, ratchets, breaker bars, and extensions to access the different mounting bolts. A torque wrench helps too...
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    1992 Integra GS-R - Parts

    I got my engine mounts on ebay, you can get a kit with all five mounts for cheap, and they seem to work and fit fine. My GS-R factory suspension was a bit floaty when I got the car this year (2000 MY), replaced it with H&R OE sport springs (same rate and drop as the Integra Type R factory...
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    DIY: Change gauge cluster lights/ Under dash neons

    Wanting to thank the OP for this thread, it was super helpful. I just changed my instrument cluster to white LED's, I used two 194 bulbs and one 168 bulb (as the supplier was one short on the 194's). They look great, I like the white as it looks very clear and sharp, and brings a bit of...
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    `.-. Changed my Gauge Light to Amber!!! =]

    Just did my instrument cluster in cool white 194 LED bulbs, if you can't find 194's then 168's work just as well. I'm very happy with the quality of the light. Very even and bright, but not overly bright which can be irritating at night if it is too bright. Not crazy about the other colours...
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    What is the best manual transmission fluid?

    my only complaint with the current Honda MTF2 is that it starts out very thin, and then shears down quickly with the meshing action of the gears so it just gets thinner over time. Change it out frequently and it works good, and good for cold weather use being on the thinner side.
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    What is the best manual transmission fluid?

    I recently put in Penzoil Synchromesh in my 2000 GS-R. It just replaced the Honda MTF2. The car just had fresh Honda MTF2 put in a couple months ago by the dealer just before I bought the car. I do prefer the shift feel of Synchromesh over the Honda MTF2. The Honda MTF2 that is sold...
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    Need some insight from you guys please!

    low quality off brand coilovers can be rough, cause squeaks and likely don't handle any better than stock. Some aftermarket control arms can also be noisy. Anyone who did the half ass job on the engine and exhaust surely wasn't going to spend money on a good suspension, willing to bet it is...
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    Rescued a 2000 GSR, Fun Project Car

    I recently picked up a 2000 GSR with 190k kilometres on it. It was a one-owner vehicle for much of its life, in really good condition, but it needed some TLC and some basic upgrades. I sold my 02 S2000 and was searching for a Type R but they are nearly impossible to find in my region...