1. built_not_bought

    95 Integra Takes on McLaren 570S

    Greetings CI! In this video, 1.8 liter GSR takes on big dog from Great Britain. At 204 mph top speed, this quarter MILLION dollar exotic can smoke just about any car on a highway. But can it beat my Integra on a drag strip?
  2. G

    My first teg, 2001 GSR

    Hello all, new member here and first time Integra owner. Just bought a 2001 Acura Integra GSR with matching vins, 131k miles, clean car. It's unmolested, in stock condition. Really fun car to drive. Can't post attachments, neat forum rules.
  3. J

    For Sale 2001 Integra with Type R swap

    2001 Integra with Type R swap exhaust, truhart shocks with ground controls, Type r rear seats. 97 spec Type R with Trans, Stage 3 clutch kit, Buddy Club rims with Hankook V2 tires. Slight front end damage and needs new headlight, give me an offer.
  4. T

    Need 00 Type R Diagram

    Hey whats up guys hope u can help so i did a wire & brake line tuck K_swapped my 00 Type_R Took it all apart to get it repainted I'm installing the harness but need help putting everything back correct so does anyone have harness pictures of how it lays out under the dash or links that might be...
  5. R

    97 ls with a 94 b18b1 motor *Idle Issues*

    :oops: Shame on me guys! I bought an integra that has been molested to hell and back. After market headers by edelbrock were cracked. running a high flow cat, no 02 sensors. corroded wires in distributor black oil 3 busted motor mounts spark plugs were bad very jerky clutch. Now I've...
  6. tony19950725

    98 Integra Parking Light Connector Repair

    Im in need of help, the screw of my turn signal housing got stripped and the housing fell out while I was driving so close to my house and before I could stop in time I ran over the whole housing. I was able to recover the large turn signal connector, however the parking light connector cable...
  7. M

    1995 Acura Integra LS STOLEN!!!

    Hello, Everyone, please help! My sister's 1995 Acura Integra coupe LS was stolen from her apartment in Littleton, Colorado on August 16th. Colorado Plate: 818-OSC Silver, 2 door, clear coat peeling, 14" hub caps, some damage on front corner of front bumper (a guy hit her in a parking...
  8. tony19950725

    Looking For Cheap and Non-Fart Cannon Exhaust for my 1998 LS

    I have a 1998 Acura Integra LS with a B18B1 and my stock exhaust pipe connected to the muffler broke and was dangling close to the floor. Luckily I was able to use metal hangers to tie it to the frame but now I've been looking for a new exhaust system for a while but its hard to decide since I'm...
  9. S

    Gen 2, Restore or not?

    Hey Guys, Im new to the site, first post. Ive been lurking for info, but havent been a part of an online forum in years so plz excuse me if im a little green or posting in the wrong spot etc. Anyway long story short, I picked up a 91 GS about 150k/m ago (cant post a picture because i do...
  10. M

    Want to buy 90-93 Integra

    I am looking to buy an Integra 90-93 4 door manual with clean title in Los Angeles. Do you know of anybody selling a car with this description? Many thanks, Mike
  11. 1

    1992 GSR fuel lines & tank question.

    Hey guys! I'm looking to replace the fuel lines and possibly the tank on my 1992 Integra GSR that i just picked up. Was wondering what is the best route to take about replacing the lines, do i go aftermarket or try and find some used lines from another DB2 ? or would the fuel lines from a...
  12. 1

    B17A1 Water pump replacement.

    Hey guys, new here. Ive been searching for a while and cannot find an exact answer. I just recently picked up a 1992 Aztec Green Integra GSR and it needs a little work. I already got the interior all cleaned up and an ITR oil pump on the way. I'm looking to see my options when it comes to a...
  13. S

    1998 Acura Integra driver's door lock

    I looked at similar threads, but didn't see anything that quite explained the problem I am having. It all begins when I open the door on the driver's side and try to push in the interior lock in before getting out. Sometimes it locks fine, but more often lately, the lock doesn't go all the...
  14. J

    I have a b18c 98 spec i a 2001 Integra ls can i get ref'd?

    I just got a 98 spec type R for almost free and want to swap in my 2001 teg. Please help me get it ref'd
  15. J

    Cool air intake?

    I want to start upgrading my Integra and don't know of the "good brands". Specifically i'm looking for cold air intake so what are the good brands, or specific intakes i should look at?
  16. R

    Cold Air Intake problem

    I ordered a cold air intake and it only has 2 hose attachments. My factory setup has 3 hoses that attach to the rubber intake hose. One is about 1/2 inch hose and the other 2 are very small, about the size of a pencil. Can the cold air intake still be used and if so, what do you do with the...
  17. O

    G3 Integra Alternator Problem

    Hi guys, this is my first post but i have been on this site countless times to get help for my integra. Heres my problem: It started about 4 months ago when i got work done to my exhaust, new muffler and resonator delete. A couple days after i got that done, i was driving around and the...
  18. R

    Rough Idle/Rattle with no loss of power

    Hey CI been a while but I have done my search and found nothing that could answer me. Just rebuilt my gsr tranny in my dc4 and replaced both axles, all trans seals. Upon the reinstall and initial start the car idles rough and there is a small amount of valve tap and noticeable rattling. Now I...
  19. O

    i need help plz

    Skunk2 66mm Alpha Throttle Body can it go on a 1991 Acura Integra gs. 4-Door automatic i need to know asap car acting up and i wanna buy a new one not a used one am new to the car scene
  20. M

    Goodies for my Integra?

    Hey, i have a 2000 Integra GS-R, swap JDM B16A, and my project almost finish. I'm looking for some goodies, (i don't like rice) that don't cost alot of $$$, but look very good on it

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