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    97 ls with a 94 b18b1 motor *Idle Issues*

    :oops: Shame on me guys! I bought an integra that has been molested to hell and back. After market headers by edelbrock were cracked. running a high flow cat, no 02 sensors. corroded wires in distributor black oil 3 busted motor mounts spark plugs were bad very jerky clutch. Now I've...
  2. D

    cylinder one not firing, need help!

    Okay now I have a b18 a1 and cylinder one isn't firing, my wire is getting spark, timing is good, spark plug is good, and compression is at 100, now I'm not sure if its getting fuel to that cylinder, I don't have a fuel injector tester, now I was told it has a b20 computer, so my question is...
  3. L

    cable trans doesn't want to go into gears

    just got done putting my motor back together and got in the car to drive it and its hard as all hell to get it into gears. i can scratch it into reverse and the clutch works as it should once its in gear. also i noticed if i put it into reverse and then into try for first it will go in...

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