surging idle

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    97 ls with a 94 b18b1 motor *Idle Issues*

    :oops: Shame on me guys! I bought an integra that has been molested to hell and back. After market headers by edelbrock were cracked. running a high flow cat, no 02 sensors. corroded wires in distributor black oil 3 busted motor mounts spark plugs were bad very jerky clutch. Now I've...
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    Idle drops and car shakes at a stop when heated up.

    Hey integra fans! I have a 1990 acura integra ls. it runs great and has 250000 miles on it! However one thing is driving me crazy that I have been searching for for months and I cant find anything. When i first start my car from a cold start it has a high idle (which is normal ive seen) then...

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