01-07 headlight conversion to 91-93 healights


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anyone know how to "mod" an 01-07 integra to have 91-93 healights? i like the old style much better but would like a newer integra. also are there any conversion kits out there that i could buy?

and does anyoen know if you can list cars on here for sale (is it agaist the rules or anything?). would like to get a newer integra and sell my older one =( even though i love it so much...


There is no such thing as a 01-07 integra and that sounds attrocious. Just stop now please

And yes, there's a cars for sale section, follow the rules and you won't have problems

Ominous G2

I've seen the entire front end conversion done and it doesn't flow well. The DA is a much more old school boxy car, and just looks strange with a big round nose.



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That's the only acceptable way to go ^…