1989 Integra starting issues ?


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I recently bought a 1989 Integra RS and found that after I drove it for a short time, enough to warm up the engine, it wouldn't start up again after shutting it off when I went in a store or something. It will crank, start, sputter and then die but will start again after a few minutes. I don't notice any kind of lack of power when driving either, but I've had this car for a week or two now.

I've done a fair amount of research this week so far, seeing plenty of possible causes. I was planning on replacing the main relay seeing it's relatively cheap, but now the engine just cranks and doesn't start, though I did get a quick sign of life before it went back to cranking.

The plug wires and distributor look fine and fairly new, the spark plugs appear to have normal wear. the battery seems to be fine as well. There is one wire that connects to the top of the engine to the body that is in rough shape, which I assume is some kind of ground. As for other possible causes, I don't have any tools to really check whether or not they're in good condition other than hand tools for the moment.
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Sounds like the main relay. The main relay triggers the fuel pump. If you turn the key to the on position and do not hear the fuel pump being primed then it is the main relay.


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I also have this problem, if someone has a solution, please tell me