1991 Honda Integra XSi

I thought I share this beautiful car.

US $8,150

Month / Year - 1991
Color - BLACK
Mileage - 108,000 km
Displacement - 1.6L
Steering - Right
Transmission - MT
Drive - 2WD
Doors - COUPE
Repaired - None
Chassis No - DA6-110****


LOL^ I was thinking that... exhaust is nasty so is engine bay, needs a good owner for sure.

Ominous G2

I'd prefer a lot of older cars over the new pieces of garbage they have been making.

Probably just marked up because he knows people are going to low ball.
I was looking at the SiR CRX they have and their cheaper too. I too wonder why so much but it would be abeauty to have here in the states though.

I emailed them for the heck of it and this what I got:

Thanks for contacting Goo Auto Inc.

In regard to exporting to the U.S., a vehicle must be more than 25 years old from the first registration.
For the further information about regulations, please contact your local customs.

Best Regards,

Why does a vehicle has to be older than 25 years to export to the U.S.?

Thanks, Tony.
Keigo Yamaguchi
Goo Auto Inc


I Love My Toyota.
i would kill to get my hands on a set of meisters

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