1991 LS Special manual Transmission has trouble shifting until the car warms up


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Any one have a similar experience? My 1991 LSSP has 280K, I changed the manual transmission fluid with Honda Transmission oil and it helped a little but the transmission still gets stuck especially in the morning and if I have to reverse first then the syncros are stuck and I can't change into a forward gear. Once the car warms up then it shifts with no problem. Any suggestions?

Your help is much appreciated.



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First, make sure there is sufficient play in the clutch cable. If it is not fully disengaging it will be hard to shift. Tighten up the cable a couple of turns and see what happens. Could be a bad / disintegrating clutch or pressure plate allowing some drag too. How does the clutch pedal feel?

If not, it's probably worn synchros and/or minor gear damage. I have resurrected a grinding box just by switching from Honda MTL to Pennzoil Synchromesh, that stuff is like magic.