1992 Acura Integra issues


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I've had my 1992 integra GS for over a year and began to notice a few things.
  • Driver side rear bumper is not flush with the body. I've pulled the corner of the bumper and notice that the frame has rotten causing the bumper to lose an anchor point resulting in the bumper to not align with the rest of the body. See the first two links.
I wanted to know if the framn routerlogin e can be restored or would cutting (amputating) the frame to remove the rust to prevent rust from spreading.
  • Noticed brownish colour from exhaust after pressing down on accelerator. See third image link. I also noticed a small puddle of oil leaking from under the engine block as well as oil around the oil cap. Is this something that can be easily fixed or would it be a costly repair?
Thanks for the help
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