1992 GS oil pressure gauge

hey guys im buying my dads integra and the oil light started blinking in perfect time randomly but would reset when the car was shut off.

i hooked up an oil pressure manual gauge and upon startup when cold running at around 80 and at normal temp, was running at about 25ish. does that sounds ok?

and i want to permantly set up that gauge. can you guys tell me the best way to route the line for the gauge? its hard to find a good place to put it through the firewall

another question guys. so i was able to run the gauge to the inside and its all set up. id still like to know about the pressures but also, the oil light is still blinking. i do not have the pressure switch in anymore, just the coupling for the oil feed line.is it because there is no signal? and again, its not on all the time

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