1992 Integra GS-R - Parts


I am looking for various parts for the GSR. Any guidance on where I could find them would be of gerat help

- Windshield moulding
-Rear glass, top moulding
- Cylinder lock for ignition
-Engine Mounts

Also, is it better to replace shocks/struts with OEM parts (if available) or are after market (KYB, etc) a better choice?

I got my engine mounts on ebay, you can get a kit with all five mounts for cheap, and they seem to work and fit fine.

My GS-R factory suspension was a bit floaty when I got the car this year (2000 MY), replaced it with H&R OE sport springs (same rate and drop as the Integra Type R factory springs) and KYB adjustable shocks , it feels great. Very happy with the results, handles great, nice ride quality , about 1 inch drop.

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