1997 Inetgra GSR $9,500


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Excellent condition, mechanically sound and running great.”

Year: 1997
Mileage: 113,401
Make: Acura Integra GSR
Engine: B18C1
Drive Type: FWD
Power Options: Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Windows
Fuel Type: 93 Octane
Drive Side: Left-hand drive
Transmission Manual Y80
Body Type: Hatchback
Vehicle Title Clear
Options: Sunroof
Safety Features: Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag
Ext Color: Milano Red
Int Color: Black
Cylinders: 4

History: The original owner purchased it at the Acura of Denville in 1997. He had it for 13 years and sold it in 2010 with about 108,500 miles on it. During this time, many of the modifications were made that it currently has. After this the owner before me was the one to get the vehicle. His fathers name was put on the title of the vehicle but he was the owner. He only drove it about 1000 miles over a 7 year period and did some aesthetic add ons and things of that sort to dial in the car for his liking. A month before I bought the car, his name was transferred to the title. Therefore the carfax claims that there have been for owners including myself. However I am the third owner of the car.

Mods:The car has been modified to a degree, however the interior has remained mostly stock aside from the Skunk 2 shifter, Type R shift boot, Pinoneer 4900 Radio and the gauge pod / VAFC. There is an AEM A/F Ratio gauge as well as a Maximum performance boost gauge. The VAFC is made by Apexi and is setup as a fuel controller for the current tune. The car externally has had some work done. It has the 1998 front and rear bumpers as well as the OEM skirts and valence accessory kit. Additionally it has the OEM 1998 - 2001 fog light kit installed on the front bumper. The front bumper has a Comptech front lip which resembles the Type R lip with some minor differences. I recently has the wheels refinished and powder coated franklin grey. They are Volk C-Ultra wheels made in 1997 to add a nice period correct look to the vehicle. These wheels are wrapped in BF Goodrich Comp Sport II tires. They are 16 x 7" +44 and were pushed out using some custom Motorsport Tech 15 mm spacers. The suspension setup is a Tokico Strut with a Tockico coilover kit installed which allows for a large range of height adjustments. It has an ASR subframe brace and control arms in the rear. It also appears to have an aftermarket sway bar, but I am not sure of the manufacturer on it. It also has a front Moroso strut bar. The engine / powertrain is currently what has the most work done. For starters, it is making 230 whp and about 200 lb/ft of torque. This is at 7 psi on its Jackson Racing supercharger. The supercharger steup is all tuned on 93 octane and that is all that should be used in this car. The pulley is an AEM pulley (I believe 2.5" but it may be a little more or less). It has retained its power steering and A/C even with this setup so keep that in mind. Additionally it has a Koyo radiator, Comptech headers, AEM Coils, an AEM cold air intake, and an Apexi N1 Exhaust. The clutch is an ACT clutch, and the flywheel is an XACT.

Paintwork: The front bumper was painted as it now has a 1998 front and rear bumper instead of the 1997 front and rear bumper. The previous owner preferred these and decided to switch them out. He also added the rear valences and side skirts that are original OEM painted parts from the factory. The rear bumper is also a factor painted version whereas the front was painted after it was purchased and is not original Acura paint, therefore it is a shade off of the rest of the car and can only be noticed in the right lighting. Aside from that, I was told that all of the paint is original by the previous owner, and my local body shop confirmed the same thing. This was purely for cosmetic appeal and not due to any damage done or anything of that sort.

Problems: This car runs excellent, while it has been modified and does not drive quite like a stock Integra, it runs really well. It is supercharged and tuned using an Apexi VAFC and piggyback ecu system. The Air Fuel ratios are always perfect under boost and the car mechanically runs great. It is lowed on coilovers and as such is a rougher ride when going over pot holes and things of that sort. However it handles excellent and is a blast to take on back roads. In terms of paint and other defects, there are very few. As for the interior there are some scuffs here and there as well as a rip the size of a quarter on the drivers side bolstering (as pictured). The paint is in very good condition, Milano Red is notorious for color fade and this car is not faded beside a tiny bit on the mirrors and edges of the rear spoiler. This car has been garage kept its whole and never driven in the winter ever which explains why there is basically no rust on the entire car. As for the paint, the front bumper and hood do have rock chips since this car has been driven . There are a few scratches but notching major and I tried to picture all of them as best as possible. Some of the rock chips on the car were touched up with a paintbrush, but only in a few spots. There are also 3 very small dents on this car. The largest is slightly bigger than a quarter and is about the gas cap on the rear quarter panel. There are two others that you can only see in the correct lighting. One is on the hood of the car and the other is on the hatch lid next to the Acura badge.

Rust: No rust is present anywhere besides the heads of some screws and bolts in the engine bay. On the undercarriage there is no rust to my knowledge besides some minor surface rust on the exhaust.

Service: Service records detail mainly inspections and registrations on the Car Fax since the previous owners and I have all done work on the car ourselves. However almost all of the oem replacement parts as well as some modifications have the receipts in a folder that I will give to the future buyer of the vehicle.