1997 Integra rs 5mt weak spark


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Hello everyone

I got the Integra from hell here
1997 rs Integra 5mt
110,xxx.....passed smog 2 months ago
Had a k & n intake and an aftermarket exhaust

So initially my distributor died out when I swapped out the cap with oem tec.....couldn't get the rotor off so left it on
It was an autozone td85u distributor fired up after the new cap was on n died 20 secs after starting
My initial thought was the distributor since I messed with it ......picked up a low miles td85u tec oem from the junkyard it fired up right away
I went to work and and I noticed missing power n misfires

So here I am today
Swapped out the fuel filter,map sensor,ignition relay,fuel regulator
Cleaned out my injectors,cleaned out the iac,throttle body was cleaned ,tested my tps was .5 and would raise smooth when I would open
Did a compression test n vacuum test they are both good
I checked my mech timing from the pulley tdc n the cams both line up as well
Set my base timing with the paper clip short on the blue harness exactly on 16+

So at this point f man where do I go from here
I bought 3 used distributor I have 4 tec coils used 4 nec igniters n a brand new accel coil,cap n rotor
I got the igniter tested at o Riley's and they al tested good after 3 runs each
I did the coil resistance test on all the my coils three test at .8ohms. Even the the accel coil I bought is at .8 ohm they all test with 16000-15000 secondary
So I built all three distributors and I have my new tec cap n rotor plus another built with the accel parts
They all fire up but the still have weak spark n misfire.....idle seems fine but it misfires on load was getting 250-270mpg now I get 170mpg
My spark is orange with blue edges....I checked it with the ignition spark tester at the end plug.....plus on the clear cap accel it's also orange
That's my real problem at this point.
I tested my battery and it's at 13v
The connection for the distributor key on yellow black wire has 12.65 volts

I'm gonna get another ecu tomorrow n I'm gonna replace my timing belt as well
But I really doubt it's that
I'm lost here do I have 3 bad distributors? Any one in Los Angeles down to to help me test them on ur car?
Help! Sorry for the extreme post just wanted to post everything I did and know so far!
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Can anyone help me? Why would a working distributor have a weak spark?.....im about to install another ecu p75 a03 to see if anything changes.
The voltage on the distributor plug key on is 12.65v .....so why would it shoot weak sparks?

I just swapped out the ecu and nothing it's still acting up loss of power n misfires
I guess I'm gonna replace my coil again n use my warranty I have on it.....gonna say it's bad luck n it was bad from the start

Update I went ahead and bought a new Distributor and I still got an orange spark with the edge white.....they were blue before!
anyone know why the distributor would fire a weak spark?
its getting 12.56 at the connector yellow black wire!
what could cause it to fire a weak spark? has to be something is the connector like a ground or signal!
whats should I be looking at???
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