1997 integra rs will turn over but won't crank


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i did a clutch replacement on the car and now it wont run. ive checked all of the wiring harnesses fuses and relays. ive checked to see if it was getting fire and it was. and its getting fuel. i have no idea what else to try!! ANY IDEAS????


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first of all where i am from we say turning over is the engine well turning over! cranking is when it fires and runs! second of all if you would pay attention to the post its getting FIRE AND FUEL! THE STARTER IS WORKING FINE WITH NO ISSUES! PPL LIKE THIS MAKE ME WONDER WHY I WASTE MY TIME TRYING TO GET A LEGITIMATE ANSWER AND HELP FROM SOMEONE ON THESE FORUMS! SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST FUCKIN STUPID!


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turning over is cranking! Fire? Lol
love when we have to assume between the stupidity.

Im going with starter. Double check both wires on the starter.
yea me too! Especially when it comes from someone who thinks they know what they are talking about...if you cant read the first post dont post on the damn thread at all how about that! I said its getting fire. Its getting fuel. And the starter is fine!


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The reason we are giving you a hard time is because unless we are using common semantics then it's impossible to communicate effectively.

Turning over and cranking are the same thing. Here are two sources that prove my point.

Now you call ignition spark "fire". Then what do you call it when the fuel mixture ignites? Is that not fire too? Hopefully now you can see the confusion.

So lets start over - you replaced the clutch and now the engine cranks but wont run. Is that correct? Since you dropped the transmission, the starter is the most suspect part. Its very common to not push the starter trigger wire onto the solenoid. Are you positive the starter is engaging the flywheel? If its not flush with the transmission housing the starter gear will miss the flywheel and just make a whirling noise. Secondly, how did you test the ignition for SPARK? The next most common mistake would be the main ground wire that attaches to the top of the thermostat housing.
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Whats the world coming to when you cant make fun of someone without feelings getting hurt....

So while were taking the fun out of everything.. He is right. We need to speak in the common tongue and be as detailed as possible when posting for help/advice/denoobing. Turning over while not cranking (cranking is the motion of the uhh crank turning) contradicts itself and leaves room for lots of
. The first mistake people usually make when troubleshooting is either stating things incorrectly or doing things incorrectly. Save time and effort and try to be properly thorough.

Fire bad.