1997 LS Build Thread - So Cal - SLOWLY but surely


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Hey all made a new thread i guess to make it official .. my old thread when I was a young grasshopper http://www.clubintegra.com/board/showthread.php?t=81817&highlight=black+dc4+noob

Washed, waxed, and buffed today. Got my brand new Falken Ziex ZE 912s yesterday for a good deal near my house. Here's some pictures I know how you members are ! :p:twisted:

So let's get down to the nitty gritty.

Miles as of Feb 2013 191,800 never rebuilt and runs like a champion
Bone stock. B18b1. Other than NGK spark plugs
I use oem fluids too. Oil - Mobil 1 Synthetic
Upgraded battery.

Original color was milano red. Previous owner painted it gloss black.
oem badges
jdm amber corner signals might get white or back to oem ones.
NO WIPER DELETE. I love my rear wiper.
ddm tuning HIDs 55w 8000k (nice white)
led license plate bulbs. white. match my HIDs looks real nice
rolled fenders. gonna have to get them pulled.

Wheels & Suspension

Enkei J-Speed 2s 15x7 25offset 4x100
Falken ziex ze 912s

Function Form type 1. (love em)
Blox competition series camber kits. front and rear


Red led cluster. jdm red climate control
oem carpets!
S2k Front seats, GSR rear leather seats
spray painted my rear cargo cover looks new!
subway 350mm rear view mirror. no more blindspots!

Sound & Security
Viper 5704v Alarm. (highly recommend)
a seperate killswitch relay.

2 digital Performance techniques. (less energy consumption better power)
1 1000 watts for my Boston acoustic speakers. sx models
1 800 watts for my 10 inch diamond sub. with a custom box.
monster wiring. JL audio dual amp kit.
And yes I have a stock STEREO!!! And love it.

More to come you guys!
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Looks great, love the Domo. I changed your links tags to imgs, hope you don't mind.


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Sadly no :( it was painted black by previous owner. I found out last month. It used to be red. Tax season. I might repaint it. Maybe jdm conversion if I found it for cheap.

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OK so yesterday did a flush on the tranny. Refilled with Honda mtf. And put a new password JDM magnetic drain plug. Also put my brembo blanks. My hawk pads didn't fit I ordered the wrong ones. Took 2 hours to get the stock screws out the rotors. Had to YouTube it. Apparently you bang on them with 2 hammers. And it worked.

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Was it hard to put those seats in there? I'm looking to replace mine

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The hardest part was removing the stock seats and taking off the brackets and sliders. Since there still factory torqued. I stripped every single ome using sockets lol had to call a buddy with an impact. Once that was off its easy from there. Swap out the stock seat pans and all other hardware onto the s2k seats and bolt up ur good to go.