2001 GSR Input shaft bearing noise

GSR Driver

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I get terrible noise in neutral with clutch engaged at idle, especially when cold. The noise goes away as I push the pedal to the floor. This noise has been getting louder to the point I am worried the input shaft bearing is on the verge of coming apart. The car shifts fine, no grinding or slipping...

The car has 400,000 kms. on the original motor, transmission, clutch, CV joints, head gasket etc. I love the car and have done all the maintenance myself including timing belts, waterpumps, brakes, radiator etc. but this job is beyond what I have the time or confidence to take on.

If I do get the input shaft bearing replaced, I would do clutch, pressure plate, release bearing, machine or replace flywheel etc.

Looking for advice on repair vs. sell and what a fair price would be for the parts and labour involved. I live near Vancouver BC and also looking for a good experienced Acura/Honda mechanic that will do the job right for a reasonable price.