2012 Ride Of The Year Awards (Apps Due 12-21)


The Transporter

The Categories this year are....

1. Best 94-97 Style**
2. Best 98-01 Style**
3. Best G2
4. Best G1
5. Best RSX
6. Best JDM Integra/RSX (open to all JDM, not just the JDM front conversions)
7. Best NA Integra/RSX
8. Best FI Integra/RSX
9. Best Integra/RSX With Under $2k Invested
10. Best Suspension Set-Up
11. Best Overall Integra/RSX
12. Best Non-Honda/Acura On CI
13. Best Honda/Non-Integra On CI
14. Best 4-Door
15. Best Interior

* You may enter into all categories that you are eligible for. You are not limited to just one category.
** Style meaning the cars are classified based upon the year model of their front end, NOT CHASSIS YEAR!
*** All categories are subject to a minimum of two entrants

For the new guys (and a few of the old ones, lol):
We want to see people voting for cars based on their merit in the category they are entered in.
Please keep the category the car is entered in first in your mind when choosing who to vote for, and everything else you like/dislike about the car secondary.
The Best Overall Integra (The ROTY) category is the popularity contest....that's where you consider every aspect of the car and vote for the one you like best as a whole.
Thank You!


Your application is due by December 21st by 11:59pm (EST). It must be in this format or your application will be denied and deleted. NO EXCUSES. Your application thread should be made in the "Submit Your Ride" section (same section this thread is in). You must then post a link to your application in this thread.

TITLE - ROTY:Your name here

And in the thread:

Categories you want to run in



Front Lip
Rear Lip


Shift Knob
CD Player

Followed by your pictures

1) DO NOT vote for yourself. You will be automatically disqualified from the running.
2) DO NOT cheat. Meaning, do not make another board name and vote with it. WE WILL CHECK and ban!
3) You must follow the format given in this post in your application, if you do not, your thread will be deleted. NO EXCUSES
4) You MUST provide at least one engine bay pic, interior pic, and several exterior pics.
5) You must have had at least 100 posts from January 1st to October 31st of this year to be considered an active member and be allowed to participate. Those member's senior enough to have over 1500 posts are automatically considered active.
6) Must be YOUR car, not a friends.

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Way to set a good example and spam the thread with off-topic rambling right from the get go :lol:

Looks awesome mark!
PS i really havent seen any other mods on here lately.
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Yea im in the same boat. I have way to much going on. But go to the graduation, why not. You earned it.
i just dont want to sit around. you dont even walk across a stage.

Way to set a good example and spam the thread with off-topic rambling right from the get go :lol:

I went to my first one, after that I said to heck with it.
Well, Mark moved the thread out of our sanctuary lol! I dont want to go, 3 hours of bs and $20 for parking doesnt sound fun.

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