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cams and intake i believe, slightly revised from previous years

90-91 Ls engines had 130hp at 6k rpm and 121lbs of Torque at 5k rpm
92-93 Ls engines had 140hp at 6.3k rpm and 121lbs of Torque at 5.2k rpm
the 92-93 GSRs had 160hp at 7.7k rpms and 117lbs of Torque at 7k rpm
hp isnt everything

90-93 LS and GSRs had the YS1 tranny

90-93 LS had 9.2:1 CR
92-93 GSR has 10.0:1 CR
so would i be able to change the intake on my 90 integra to a 93 integra with out any problems? or do i have to ghetto rig it?


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this is good Ish to know Good Thread im tryna go turbo on my 91 b18a1 but idkkkk at times i look at other motorz


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Man i love this thread, now i feel kind of stupid for not checking out the stickys before i posted! haha!


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Hey, if I put in type R high compresion (11:1, stock bore) domed pistons in a B18a1 with stock head will it work? I know it won't make as much power if I just do a LS swap, but that is down the road. I'm just improving the bottem end of the engine for now till I get more money to get a (B16-B17) vtec head. Just want to know if the B18a1 head will function fine with the domed pistons.


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Hello guys!
I have a 2nd Gen LS 3 doors and the belt has been squealing for a week so I was looking for a new drive belt, do u guys know which model should I look for? thanks!


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my integra

These are also identifiable by the headlights. The 2nd Gen Integra came with the B-series of engines. From 90-91 it was the 130HP B18A1 and from 92-93 it was the B18A1 that made 140HP. In 92 and 93 there was also the GS-R which was the B17A1 that made 160HP. This was the first use of VTEC in an Integra. The second generation also brought a totally new and much improved suspension too. It was independent double wishbone all around verse the torsion bars up front and solid beam axle in the rear of the first generation.

wat is the best i should put in my ls then


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I had a B-17 and the motor ran just as good as a B-18, but the rings were shot due to spray,so i just dropped in a JDM motor which i imported,B-18*95 GS-R* and it runs better than the GS-R'S around in the states,to] I was very impressed know that they only made 1500 1993 GS-R's and i had one.]but i sold the motor to a guy that works at my shop, for $800 *motor and tranny* the synchro's were out in third and fourth so you had to double clutch to get into the gears without grinding them*, and a set of lowering springs.was it worth it, well i wish i coulda rebuilt it, but it was aruond 4500 dollars for the turbo setup i wanted, so i just bought a new *used* B-18
actually they made 1500 in 92...and 3500 in 93 from what i remember


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Need help. I want to convert my 90 GS to a manual steering rack, anyone know if this can be done easily. Is there a Honda manual rack that makes this easy?


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also check out out honda automotive database on droid market its got smore useful/useless info.


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Ok I am completely new to online forums and foreign cars I took a trade that seemed good and I believe from what I read it was. I have a 90 integra that was a full race car at one point in its life I believe. The motor is a b17a1 and I am sure of this. I went to junk yard and bought some factory struts and springs to pick it up off the ground. I took off the Tokico struts and springs because it was too low to even be driven because someone had cut the low already lowering springs. I plan to buy some new lowering springs asap but I was hoping for some input on direction to go with this thing. I would also like to know how to identify if I have the ys1 trans with it. ac is deleted as well the p/s. Like I said I need as much input as possible. I also have thick skin so I can take all the criticism to pay whatever dues needed lol.


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Rocker Arm torque specs

I have a 93 teg special that has a knocking sound in valve covers i believe. I think its my rocker arms but i dont know the torq specs to be able to check them. Can anyone give me a hand?


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I hope you guys can clear this up for me, as far as I can tell.... I have a 1993 Integra GS-L (leather), it's an automatic 2-door hatch. I don't see any markings for VTEC on it so is it safe to assume it's a 1.8L engine = 140horsepower??
I called in my VIN# to Acura and the technician could only tell me its a GS-L. Any ideas anyone? I'm slowly rebuilding her back to glory but it'll be nice to know a little more about her.
Appreciate any info from the gurus.


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If you Google, you will see that only the gsr from that era have vtec stock. You have A b18a1