2nd Gen Roll Call!

Didnt see this...

DB1 owner...

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Shit, When it comes time to order stickers, im not going to have any side window left :shock:

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im a lil late but the hell wit it

91 LS dipped in Jasper Green Metallic paint

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hmm...tempting....any pics?


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DAMN, i am REALLY LATE!! funny however that the last post in this thread was on my birthday lol.

92 GS here

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ehhh :stfu:

lol j/p
yes let me know how it goes too and let me know where you got the RHD front clip.... and how much ... i really want to do the RHD .... i would love to be different than everyone around here lol ....would be the only 2nd gen RHD around my town for miles!!!!

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