2nd Gen Roll Call!


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Here's mine. 1990 with 92 bumpers 1pc headlights GSR interior and a SIR-II swap.



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So I just got my gsr and I'm wanting to build it.just need some suggestions on where to start.


So I just got my gsr and I'm wanting to build it.just need some suggestions on where to start.
Where are you located? When I had mine I kept it as stock as possible ended with a small 1" drop new catback exhaust and some nice wheels. If I still had the car I would love to have ITB and just let it scream.


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1990 w/651k (original)miles. Sorry, I'm not'in the know' for the techy side, but want to do my own minor repairs as much as is possible (my very dependable repair man is moving out of state).



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Just joined the forum had the car half a year now


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Sadly retiring my beloved 90 Integra LS

After 26 years of being the best thing I ever bought, my poor 1990 Integra LS has called it quits, as in blown head gasket! :(
I hate the idea of sending her to the wrecking ball, and have tried a few searches to see if there are Integra Clubs in San Diego who would maybe want her for parts (those who are restoring the oldies)
However, I'm not finding much.
What would you all do if you had to "retire" your car?
I do NOT have a garage nor the means to try and fix her...would be cost prohibitive at this point if I relied on outside mechanics!



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