2nd Gen Roll Call!

WHITE 93 GS.... Carbon fiber hood, CAI, Chipped ECU,B16 Tranny, COMP stage 3 clutch and lightened flywheel ,Function and Form Type II coilovers, Gsr Blades, Upper camber control blocks, gutted except for seats and dash..unpinning the ECU for non use wires, oh, and cruise control still functional....

Checking in

I haven't been on here in a while. I just recently repainted my DA9 and wanted to share the pics.
Believe it or not, I used Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch "Vintage Teal" rattle can paint for this base coat.
It was the closest match to the original BG22M paint.
It turned out OK, but with lots of little issues,
such as: the paint not atomizing properly when it came out of the spray nozzle so the finish turned out
real rough; lots of runs and imperfections. BUT, I plan on shooting it with Plasti-Dip Clear mixed
with Chameleon metal flakes with an HVLP spray gun, that I'm sure will make this look even better.
The reason why I did this is because the original paint & clear coat bubbled, flaked off, all the way down
to the gray primer underneath. It looked real real bad, and made the car look like a p.o.s.
As a result, I've received tons of offers from Junk Yards & tow truck drivers offering to "haul my
Junked car" away for a measly couple hundred bucks. F**k that.

I also had to remove the leaking sunroof. After removing it I discovered it leaked because the
drain hoses were clogged, and it then caused other body rot to occur. I sealed up the sunroof hole
with some galvanized sheet metal I installed with pop-rivets and silicon. Then I decided to just paint
the upper part - roof & roof pillars, all black. Looks somewhat striking to me.
Now I need to cut & install a custom head liner as the stock headliners are no longer available.
So far, she's coming along nicely.

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The other asshole
Guess these cars are nearly 30 yrs old with a dwindling fan base. I’m replacing all bushings, (oem) and returning mine to daily driver status. Can’t post photo, says too big!!??!
Just installed my rear coilovers amd dialed them in i have a bad trunk leak and a leak near my ecu from my cowl smh

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