3rd gear grinding (1997 Integra GSR)


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Hey guys, I was driving my car today around my favorite touge at a spirited pace(albeit fast pace). I rounded one corner in 2nd and at the straightaway I shifted to 3rd...it shifted fine....the next hairpin appears and I heel-toe to 2nd and do the same, except this time when i shifted to 3rd my gear grinds. I thought it was common driver error but i tried it again with my foot depressing the clutch and it grinds again. I tried the same thing and it kept happening. If someone could help me out with any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot- Kolya

Mine does it in second... Im thinking its the synchros but im not sure. Unfortunately that means a tranny rebuild... But if that is the case ill put in an LSD and work with the gear ratios... Let me know if you find anything else out
In my ls I had the same issue, I did some research and found about that it was my 3rd gear synchro. Then I found this thing called GM Synchromesh, you can pick it up at any auto store/gm dealer. What it does is basically (mesh) your synchros back together. Once I did it to my car in about 500 miles after I put that oil in my tranny, my tranny worked amazing after that.....actually to the day it has. I did this about 2.5 yrs and have had no problems since then. Hope that helps a bit
Isnt GM Synchromesh just a high quality tranny fluid, like Redline, or honda/acura mtf? :roll:
I suggest changing your tranny fluid and your clutch fluid and see if it helps. Much cheaper than a tranny rebuild.

AcurInteg, Theres an article on team-integra on how to change your fluid.


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I think it takes 4.3-4.5 qts to fill. So get 5.
actually... i believe it holds something like 3.3 qts... and welcome to having an integra... the 2nd, and 3rd gear grind are common place. as are the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the DC5

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