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do i know you

do i know you from xbox live?
really nice article by the way you must love integras!!!!


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2001 Acura Integra Type R

Kinda new to the game got my eye on a 2001 Integra Type R any good spots to check for one also good prices


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Hello everyone i am new to this forum but i am on ef civic because i own a 91 civic, now i am a owner of a 94 Acura well i am looking foward to working on my car and driving it also, and again thanks for allowing me to be here i would be gratefull for all the help i can get.


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can someone help me out

i got a 95 integra ls
all stock

car has potential i want to push it
how can i make it have more power and speed??


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Soon I'll have me a '96 GSR, just gotta save a little more cash and I'm gold, nice post btw even though it was copy and pasted lol.


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Ive heard the b18 is not the greatest should i H series swap or wut?