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so i just bought my first car and its a 95 integra with 124,XXX mileage i think i got a pretty good deal most integras had over 200,xxx milage on them any one else got a and old car with fewer milage than newer cars?


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Yeah to be honest with you I am pretty knew to the car game and this post summarizes the basics of what anyone should know to understand the potential of an Integra. Props for posting the article whether or not it is original is not relevant due to the fact the information provides great content. THanks.


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Hey guys I have a 95 integra and need to replace the exhaust, I bought a cat back system with 3 parts but its not all fitting right would anybody know what else I need to get everything to fit?

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Hello, i dont know if this is the right thread to post about so please bare with me.. ok so i have a 94 integra ls and recently bought a obd2 intake, the guy i bought it from said he pulled it out of a 94. so when i plugged everything up there is this sensor thats located on the top of the intake where i dont know what plugs into it? any help please


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Hey fellas im new to this whole Clubintegra and I have a problem that some of you experts may be able to help me out on. I just bought a 1994 J front teggy with a 1996 GSR swap. Fully stock just AEM intake. I noticed I didn't hear V-tec kick in and the car tacked out at I think 7.3 not 8k and didn't hear any v-tec I took cover off too look at the ecu and noticed it was writtin on saying Vtec @ 6k BUT I didn't hear nothing..... it has a P28 ecu. im totally baffled on what to do or where to began im sure you experts can help lead me into what I need to do. car runs like a champ just don't believe v-tech is engaging. ive owned other gsr-s and vtec kicked in at 5.5 all the time perfectly and loud. What do I do fellas im stuck !