3rd Gen Inner Tie Rod Replacement Diy??

^^^ yea that! cant find one. heard that i need to take out the whole steering rack and then heard there is a tool to do it thats much easier but also can cause problems. the outer tie rods are no problem but the boot on my driver side inner is ripped and i know it needs to be replaced. any help appreciated!

You need one of these. Inner tie rod removal tool.

You can rent it from an auto parts store. Its pretty straight forward if you have ever done the outer tie rods. You simply do that, then stick this tool onto the inner tie rod and unscrew it.
so i can use that tool and i dont have to take the steering rack out then? just take off the outer rod and then the ripped boot, then unscrew the inner and replace?


Amigo del Wraith
Late reply but yes. As long as the inner seals are not leaking then you are ok. Just remove the inner tie rods with the tool and replace in reverse order.

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