3rd gen Integra spec sheet

Great link man. Definitely what I was looking for, as I'm sure a lot of other people are too.



luxury integra driver
type-r has:
1better ballanced weight distribution (not by much but still difference)
2 thicker 22mm(23mm japan) rear sway bar
3 bigger LCAs
4bigger disc breaks front and back 5 lugs
5 reinforced chasis( check out where rear swya bar mounts to the body)
6 top engine tie bar, rear tie up/low, trunk wall tiebar,

so 110lb is not a big difference
7 vtec engine is heavier than non vtec b18b


I <3 B18c1's and c5's.
i'd still rather prefer a gsr over a type-r...but if an r was given to me, i wouldn't complain.


luxury integra driver
why would you do that? man
type-r is not all about engine bro the whole chasis is reinforced i mean its thicker than normal so it doesnt flex as much so even if u try you cant make an exact replica without welding the chasis.

the sad part is they are almost extinct species by now.