5 lug conversion


has anyone tried using front brakes from a gen1 CR-V?...


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how much does it cost to do a 5 lug conversion?

Kevin A. Parra

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Good post but I'm with the four lug guy. Most of the wheels that fit hondas are four lug anyways the only reason I'd see a good reason to do this is to make your car fit 5 lug wheels which under size 16 couldn't be as easy to find as a four lug. Plus the cost of this stuff would be better spent on a whole motor swap.


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I'm reading that write up posted above (thank you btw), I see the information is informed for DA and EF conversions. What about the conversion on to a DC? Would it simply be a direct bolt on to the vehicle or will you also need to get shit pressed into the other knuckles due to fitment? will I need ITR brake lines or will the current ones still work?....ect.


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has anybody tried to use crv axles on a the 36mm jdm itr spindals i heard from some people that they will fit dunno if thats true and would i have to get a crv half shaft or the one from the g3 teg would work fine