8 pages of Bisimoto drama after people find out they got ripped off


Shut up baby, I know it!

Couple reputable tuners put a brand new bisimoto v2 header back to back with some replica headers only to find out that the bisimoto header actually had the worst results out of all the headers they tested.


A shit storm ensued, with bisimoto making outlandish claims against all his customers, only for people to wind up coming forward to show how badly they got ripped off on bisi's "custom" designed headers. All of his headers turned out to be identical in size and shape no matter what the setup, turns out he was selling prototype mild steel headers in a large group buy in which he used the specs for his custom stainless steel headers with ceramic coating. People paid ridiculous amounts of money, only to have welds crack, and rust to form on their headers within a matter of months.


i hate people that do this shit. Im glad they exposed their products for what they are.


Bisi has a drone army on ht. anytime they get a bad review they attack people
that sounds similar to what fake id companies do....they falsely say they are good and have accounts back them up, only to trick people into sending their money smw :evil:


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That's unfortunate. When I first saw Bisi's stuff I thought it would be legit. Oh well, Comptech header is is. :(
CT is weird or they have super good customer service i dont know yet. my buddy went to their office to see how much an ice box was and he said i would have to bring my car to see whats done to it. so im thinking they either A want to see what fits or B do some janky stuff.

But at least the bisi one looks cool :]


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His cams aren't made by him either, yet everyone will argue that they are. His cam gears are also pretty damn close to being identical to some knockoff gears (I can't think of the name at the moment, will report back when it comes to me). He builds cars that make a lot of power, but never see the track. He is a salesman these days, so much that I can't stand watching videos of the cars he builds because its always "the Turbonetics xxsafd turbo used on the Bisimotor Civic" who the fuck uses Turbonetics these days outside of Bisi? No one thats who lol


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