88 integra won't start

I have been trying to get an '88 integra running but have been unsuccessful. The fuel pump does not run and I also didn't hear the clicking sound from the main relay when the ignition is turned on. I replaced the main relay as it failed the test outlined in the Haynes manual (the replacement was tested and found to pass the same test). We tested the fuel pump and it pumps when connected to a 12V source. We have also checked continuity of the fuel pump wire and it had continuity from the pump to the relay. We pulled all the fuses and they all checked out fine. All other electrical components work on the car ie. the lights, radio, turn signals etc. Is there another relay for the fuel pump that I'm missing? Is there something else to check?

When you hooked the pump to the 12v power, were you able to start the car?

For future replies, please look at the OP's date :roll:

I sure hope the car is beyond this problem by now :rolf:

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