91 Integra B18C Swap question

Ive got a 91 Integra and I bought a B18C and 5 speed tranny out of a 96 GSR to swap into the car. I bought the rywire tucked wiring harness for the motor as well as the chassis adapter to tie the engine harness into my car and run the obd1 hondata ecu I have for it. Well I got the harness all plugged in and the wires tapped into the ecu plugs and such and all that is good, car runs etc.

Theres two plugs on the rywire harness that I kinda understand where they plug in but im not 100% and was curious if anyone has done this sap and dealt with this or anyone with some info on the plugs can help and the factory 91 integra cluster. So the last two plugs on the engine harness are labeled VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) and REV (im guessing rpms for the tac). So in place of the factory vss on the GSR tranny from the b18 I have the one from the 91 integra tranny in with the cable running to my cluster and the rpms work but im not sure the speedo, I havent gone anywhere with it yet.

So the vss plug on the harness will plug into the factory gsr vss and tapped into the ecu harness, but wouldnt that cause me to lose my cluster working right since that cable wouldnt be connected correct? What do i do? Also the rev wire im guessing would plug into the crank sensor no? But the harness is not long enough to reach anywhere other than on the tranny, and there seems to be a sensor of some kind on the bottom of the tranny towards the front but the connector is cut off of the end of it for some reason so im not sure if the rev is supposed to plug into this. Also what is it called if anyone knows!

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