91 Ls alternator information request


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This is my first post so forgive me if I’m doing this wrong.

I have a 91 Integra Ls, I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to figure out why I’m going through so many alternators but nothing is bringing me to the end of my search. So far I’ve found wiring diagrams that tie the alternator into the ecu, icu and PGM-Fi but I can’t figure out how each ties into the alternator and what exactly tells my alternator to charge and how it does it. So far every alternator I’ve got has lasted me no longer than 8 months (my last 2 only lasted me about a week) and I’m getting everything from overcharge to intermittent charge or no charge on each one (most have bench tested fine at oreilly’s or Autozone but they can’t test the alternator under normal driving or load conditions with the test equipment they have). My most recent alternator was fine until a few days ago. When I got up to about 5k RPM the battery light came on, now it only goes off @4,300 RPM. I’m stuck charging the battery over night and carrying a second battery with me in case I break down. Any information leading me in the right direction on how this exact setup functions would be greatly appreciated.