93 Integra LS Turbo Apexi VAFC Q's?

Ok I have a 93 Integra LS non VTech with a Garrett t3/t4 50 trim turbo, 370cc injectors, missing link, and the Apexi VAFC I believe it is the first model Apexi... no part number on it. motor is basically stock. Im trying to figure out how to use the VAFC I figured out how to set up the sensor type and the basic things but I haven't figured out how to use the wide and narrow throttle set points, I think - is less fuel and + is more fuel right? I don't know if anyone has 370 injectors that could give me a good base point to start with... I set my narrow throttle points 1000-5000rpm at -13 and it seemed to run smother and idle better and doesn't bog as much anymore, but I don't want to go any further because I don't want it to run lean, I have wide throttle set a 0 across the board.. any help would be greatly appreciated.


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First its VTEC, no H, If you own a Honda you need to know this.

Second, yes - means less fuel and + means more fuel.

Third, you need a wideband O2 sensor to tune fuel. Otherwise you are simply guessing and you will have a bad time. AEM makes a decent wdieband.

Also, I would recommend you retard your distributor all the way (rotate it towards front of car) to be safe.
My fault on the Vtec lol Timing has been retarded.. Do i need anything more then just the 02 sensor? Thanks Muckman for being so fast with the replies. Sorry im a novice when it comes to turbo cars, this is my first turbo car so im still in the process of learning lol when i get the ecu socketed for the s300, do you know of a good place to take it or send it down here in VA? I want things to be done right when the car is finished.


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Correct all you need is a wideband to tune fuel. Once you get it hooked up you can street tune your fuel and not be clueless about your AFC changes. I would recommend you skip the AFC and go right to the chipped Ecu. There are cheaper alternatives to S300 like Crome if you buy a chip burner/emulator. Its a million times better than the AFC.

I know RameyBuilt.com is in VA beach
The main reason im using the AFC is because it was already installed in the DA when i bought it. I just havent had the time to have the Hondata installed and tuned. I will get the wideband asap, when i get it what ratio am i looking for when street tuning?
Okay so it's been awhile since I have posted on here, but I finally got the AEM wideband installed, I have been playing around with the VAFC a lot but I'm unable to adjust anything but idle AFR I got my idle AFR at 14.3-14.7 under medium throttle the ECU controls the AFR from what I understand so it's pointless to try to adjust that, but when I'm under WOT my AFR is at 10.0-10.3, and it doesn't matter how much I adjust the wide throttle settings it does not change anything... can anybody tell me why I can't adjust my WOT AFR?? Any help is appreciated.
I'm sure I can find one online somewhere, it would make sense that if I can change idle that I should be able to change WOT... would be nice if I had money, so I could ditch the VAFC and go hondata, for now I have to work with what I have. Atleast my car isn't running lean at all :) anybody else have some input?