93 Integra LS Turbo Exhaust Question

Im currently in the process of getting my motor rebuilt and so i'm in the market for exhaust. I currently have a BWR Ram Horn Manifold and a Precision 5831 MFS turbo, i'm going to go with an AutoWorks downpipe and dump tube, and im also going with the Thermal R&D 3In cat back exhaust... My question is do i need to have a custom test pipe made or install a cat to go from the downpipe to the cat back? Or can i order something that will work? Greg at AutoWorks said he leaves the end of the downpipe un-flanged, but he can put a flange on if i want. Any help is greatly appreciated!! :suprise:


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It will probably have to be custom made on the car. The reason is nobody really knows exactly where the flanges end up depending on what cat back and downpipe combination you use. Thats why you see most turbo cars with custom exhaust - or at least the down pipe is custom to meet up with whatever shelf cat back that you use.
Thanks for the info Muckman, I got my downpipe installed and put a cat on the end of it, and now all i need to do is weld it together and add in about a 6in piece and a flange at the end, and everything will be finished!