93 LS Turbo Questions


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Hello, im new to this forum but excited to talk to everyone and figure out some cool things to think about, i have a 93 integra ls turbo, my turbo set up is a Garrett T3/T04E 50 trim, 38mm Tial wastegate, HKS SSQV4 BOV, Hondata S300, Spec Stage 3 clutch and 370cc Injectors... More to come.. my car has not yet been tuned and i know that is a high priority, as far as tuning i have a Vortech FMU and a missing link.... Im having bogging down issues that i did not have at first, when the car is cold it runs fine, as soon as it gets up to operating temp it starts to bog especially if say im in 4th going 35mph and i give it gas and some times when i start out in 1st and dont give it enough gas to boggs, i replaced my 02 sensor and it fixed it for about 3 days, ive tried cleaning the IACV and FITV... did not help... i adjusted my valves and my idle got a little better... im thinking it might be the location of my 02 sensor, its mounted right off my turbo about 6in, whats the recommended length to put it away from the turbo??


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Hondata S300, as far as tuning i have a Vortech FMU and a missing link
Wait.. WHAT?!

I'm not making fun of you but FMU are missing link is literally 20 year old technology that is regarded as hack tuning today. Furthermore you have Hondata S300 which is awesome that you had the foresight to buy this yet perplexing that you didn't throw the FMU and missing link in the trash at the same time.

Just ditch the FMU and missing link. They cannot be used in combination with S300 (really shouldn't be used in combination with any vehicle, ever, not even, nope). Get an AEM wideband and we'll get you setup with a basemap for those 370cc injectors.
My bad i forgot to say that the Hondata is not installed yet... i bought the car like this, ive done a few things since i bought it, but havent had the time to put the hondata in and have it tuned... the guy i bought this car from had alot of crap backwards and not installed right, the car barely ran. Now the car runs good besides the bogging issue... just thought i would get some insight on possible causes. I have to re-do the turbo setup, because the turbo kit that was installed is falling apart. So in the meen time while i rebuild the setup im trying to fix the quick easy things.. As much information as i can get, is greatly appreciated.


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I figured out my bogging issue, found out i had the gap on the spark plugs wrong. I adjusted the gap from 35 to 25 and not bogging now..