'94 GSR Engine/Trans swap into different Integra shell


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I've got a 94' GSR coupe with a rotted shell but a well-functioning engine and trans. Since I already have the car, I want to swap the insides into a new shell. The problem is I'm not totally sure exactly what shell I need; should it be the exact same model of car to avoid any incompatibilities between the ECU and other small features included on different cars? For example, I've found a decent offer on a 94' RS shell which would minimize compatibility issues between the OBD1 ECU included in 94/95 Integras (what I have/need) and the OBD2 ECU included on 96+ Integras (what I want to avoid). Unfortunately it also introduces other features which were cut between the two versions, including ABS breaks, cruise control, and a sunroof. Would these additional features present problems in swapping my car's internals? And more still, would it be possible to retrofit the ABS and cruise back into the RS shell?

TLDR: What exactly do I need to look out for when swapping the internals of my 94' GSR into the shell of another Integra? What features must be compatible, and what can can I retrofit back in later on?