94' GSR Frame Work


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My dad has a 94' GSR which was kept in good condition throughout it's operating lifespan. The only problem is that it's developed an issue of rot on a specifically crucial part of the frame. Most of the car is in good condition regarding rust apart from the area directly where the passenger's side control arm bolts to the body. It also needs some minor things like new tires, breaks, AC compressor etc.
Since it's already available, I would very much like to get this car back on the road. The only trouble is I'm not sure what the best/most viable method of going about fixing this rust is going to be. I live in Pennsylvania, so welding a new section of frame into the rotted one would be difficult to pass inspection with -- although it is viable if done properly and cleaned up. Because the car also needs some other work, I was considering buying a donor car and splicing the two together to get what is essentially a GSR (even if the donor car happened to be another integra model) with a solid frame and fully functional components. The trouble is I'm not sure exactly what I would need to find to do so. Is there a major difference between Gen 3 Integra models? If my dad's GSR is a Manual, does the donor I get have to be one as well? Or will I be able to convert it? Is there a big enough difference between the GSR and other models that I would have to find another GSR for a donor car? Or could I look at something more available, like an LS?

What do you guys think would be the best method of repairing this car in a safe manner?



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Do you have pictures of the problem area? It could be something a reputable shop could repair fairly simple.
As far as donor car you should not have a problem with another model. Options may not match though.