95 Integra with Check Engine Light; but no codes?


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I just completed a heater core replacement---requiring removal of dash and battery. She would not start when put her back together. I found that both cam gears were off 3-notchs (ODD, as it ran fine before I replaced heater core). So, I re-aligned the cam gear (UP) with the flywheel at TDC, set the dizzy's timing in the middle, and she started. Ran ruff for a bit, but the ECU figured it out and it is now running fine. But the Check Engine Light is ON. I jumper'ed the 2-pin connector under the dash (over the ECU) but the Check Engine Light does not flash any codes when I switch the ignition switch to position two; and it remains ON. I am fairly confident I had connectivity between the two connector, and the fuse is not blown. Any ideas what might be going on?


If you're using a jumper wire itself, it may be a connectivity issue. I've always created at jumper wire with ferrules on each end to rule that out. If the problem persists, I would disconnect the battery. Allow the ECU to reset and then drive it until the CEL reappears (it could be a glitch in the matrix).