96 GS-R sedan


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Hello fellow club integra,

I'm reaching out to this knowledgeable community for some guidance on my 1996 Acura GS-R Sedan. As the third proud owner of this beauty, I'm eager to not only address the necessary repairs but also enhance its performance through carefully chosen upgrades.
To provide some context, here's a rundown of the recent repairs done in March 2022:

  • Replace timing belt,
  • Water pump,
  • Drive belts,
  • Cam and crank seals
  • Reseal oil pump
  • Oil pump gasket
  • Camshaft seal
  • Drive belt-air conditioning
  • Drive belt -alternator
  • Drive belt-power steering
  • Timing belt
  • Timing belt Tensioner
  • Water pump w/ locating sleeves
  • Crankshaft seal-front
  • Oil pan gasket
  • Oil change
  • Timing cover gasket
  • Adjust valves and replaced valve cover gasket
  • Replace VTEC valve assembly
  • Camshaft adjuster soleno VTEC spool valve assy
  • Replace left and right axles
    CV axle shaft
    CV axle shaft

Additionally, there are pending repairs suggested by the mechanic:
  • Power steering hose and pump replacement
  • Rear trailing arm bushings replacement
  • Lower ball joint replacement
  • Tie rod end replacement
Considering these repairs and my desire to boost the car's performance, I'm seeking advice on how to approach this project. I already have a DC Sports Exhaust and an Injen cold air intake. My goal is to upgrade the engine to a level that ensures it passes smog while providing a more race car experience without going overboard.
Here are my main questions:
  1. Order of Upgrades: Given the repairs and upgrades needed, where should I start? Should I address the clutch issue first, then move on to other repairs and upgrades?
  2. Engine Upgrades: I'm interested in upgrading the engine for improved performance. What upgrades would you recommend that strike a balance between passing smog and enhancing driving performance? Should I consider an engine rebuild? I am not concerned about the body, although I am considering cleaning the engine bay and repainting it. before I forget, the car has 260,000 miles. as I mentioned before, I am the third owner, and I knew the second owner, the entire time it was in their ownership.
  3. Smog Check: Since passing the smog check is essential, any tips on achieving this while still upgrading for better performance?
  4. Workshop Recommendations: I'm based in Los Angeles, specifically SFV. Can anyone suggest reputable workshops or mechanics that specialize in these types of upgrades and repairs?
  5. Balancing Repairs and Upgrades: How can I approach this project to ensure that I'm not essentially building two cars — one repaired and then upgraded? I'd like to integrate repairs and upgrades effectively.
I'm incredibly grateful for any insights, advice, and recommendations club Integra can provide. Your collective expertise will undoubtedly help me shape this project and get the most out of my 1996 Acura GS-R Sedan.
Thanks in advance,=====