97 ls with a 94 b18b1 motor *Idle Issues*

:oops: Shame on me guys! I bought an integra that has been molested to hell and back.
After market headers by edelbrock were cracked.
running a high flow cat, no 02 sensors.
corroded wires in distributor
black oil
3 busted motor mounts
spark plugs were bad
very jerky clutch.

Now I've repaired and replaced all the above. with the exception of the clutch.
I'm running a new catalytic convertor and sensors as well.

But I still have a problem and one more fix to go, I hope.

I have found my ect sensor wires are ripped out of the plug. It looks like the 2 wires "red and green" can just be re inserted back into the plug. Judging by the way the wire contacts look. I'm going to try this tomorrow because I have this issue where the idle surges rapidly only when I lightly press the gas pedal. This happens at start up and even after I've reached operating temp. Never ending head ache! Funny even at operating temp the temp needle on my dash is not even half way, not even close. I hope this fixes the problem because I'm ready to start on the cosmetic part of my project car. I'll post a video sometime.

Has anyone else ever had to deal with such a problem?

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