97 Teg hazard and rear defrost button removal

I have tugged on these dash buttons with me fingers and they won't come off. Is there something holding them on? What's the trick. There are no lights behind them and I need to fix this so I can find them at night. Thanks.

put your figure on bottom of button and cup it and pull up... also screw driver works...
lol its easy i did it a couple months ago pretty sure you need to remove the buttons first to get to the two screw holding it in i used a screw driver but be careful the button fronts can pop off and or break. pry on oneside once this side of the button is loose it should slide right out
Wait, you want to pull out the entire climate control? Or just the buttons?

Pulling the buttons are easy. Take a screw driver and put it underneath on one of the corners. Be careful not to scratch anything, and wedge it up a little bit. Do the same on the other side, and it will pop out.

There is a screw behind it, you arent looking far enough back. Grab yourself a flashlight and look down in there.
yeah they are kind of far back inside the little holes theres one in each button opening maybe 3-5 inchs in
Oh ok. It was kinda dark in there. I want to replace the little light bulbs...they are 168LL's. No, that's wrong...they're like 72's or 74's or 34's. The difference between the three is like .2 watts so I got the 74's which have the most watts.
They were like $4.49 for two at Autozone.
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