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Hey everyone, I’ve been thinking of buying an Acura integra for quite a while now being a fan of the overall look of the car plus the insurance costs. I’m planning on buying a model between the years of 1994-2001 so all I wanted to do was ask some questions about the vehicle ty for anyone who replies.
  1. How reliable is the vehicle for you? Does it have persistent problems that need to be frequently addressed (rust, oil leaks, etc)
  2. I’m thinking of purchasing a manual integra but I’ve never driven stick before would you recommend an integra as a first manual vehicle? I’ve driven for about 2 years with an automatic and never been in a collision before
  3. Anything I should look out for on a used integra that I should be wary of/avoid (modifications, single turbos, etc)
Thank you to those who reply, I hope to join the Acura integra family and make the most out of my vehicle.
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Hi, the 1994-2001 model year is 3rd gen. Maybe try the 3rd Generation Acura Integra (1994-2001) forum?

My friend had a 97 Integra daily driver for years. He autocrossed on weekends, but never raced or redlined it. He didn't have any major work, outside scheduled maintenance (e.g. timing belt, clutch disc, water pump). These engines, stock are well built and should last 250k+ miles. That was his first car, and manual too, so I think it'll work for you too!


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Hey there, I have a 95 Integra that I have owned since 2011, bought it with 246k miles. At 301k I blew a hole in the block just driving down the freeway. I suspect it may have been very low on oil as it burned a little bit, and I wasn't dailying it much in 2018 as I rode my motorcycle a lot. I found a used motor on ebay from a wrecked automatic on the east coast and had it shipped to my work here on the west coast for only $500 and with the help of coworkers, it actually has equal or better performance now.

Watch out for heavy modifications, try to stay stock as possible. Bolt ons are okay, but if they did some kind of engine work, I would be wary as you don't know their technical level. And the car has never had any other issues that kept coming up, thing just ran, and did great for 1000 mile journeys in one shot a couple of times.

It was also my first manual I owned. It will feel terrifying at first, but go to a parking lot and practice starting in first gear. Once you master that, shifting is super easy. Watch videos on how a manual operated so you can understand the operations of the clutch and stuff. Best piece of advice is it's ok to feather the throttle while the clutch pedal is partially engaged. You don't master perfection in a day, so just get a feel for starting in first and learning the engagement point and you'll be good to go.

Also if the shifter feels wonky and you can't tell what gear its in, get the shifter bushing replaced, absolute life saver. Super fun to mod these cars, I have so many bolt ons and suspension parts on mine, but the parts are super cheap compared to other higher tiered cars, so have fun with it.


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The Acura Integra 2001 ls hatch has been a very reliable car for me since I bought it 19 years ago. I've done normal repairs, but nothing persistent to share. The light weight of the car and tight handling make this car a fun ride. Definitely get a 5 speed if you buy this car. It's easy to shift and fun to drive!
Mine is for sale on this website. I'm in South FL.


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I just got an 1996 acura integra gsr. And I apologize if I sound stupid asking this question but I do not know much about acura integra's. But the seats need to be replaced and wanted to ask if a 1996 acura integra seats would fit.?


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Everything from 1994 Integra to 2001 Integra will fit with each other.

The biggest differences in terms of the exterior would be front and rear bumpers, headlights, and taillights. Design of the headlights on 98 to 01 became more flat with the bumper compared to 94 to 97. 94 to 97 rear bumpers had no lip at the bottom and was a single curve. Taillights had no change in design, however 94 to 97 tails had orange turn signals and 98 to 01 had red turn signals. Fun fact, for UKDM Integra, their taillight turn signals were clear.

Also for the seats specifically, you can take them completely apart, using the cushions underneath, to the covers. You can also replace the seat and back portion separately, in case you find two seats, one with a good seat bottom but bad back and vice versa. Hope that helps if you see this.