Acura Rsx not type s blowing blue smoke

Hello everyone, I currently own a 2002 Acura Rsx and just about a month ago I was driving on the highway at about 60 miles an hour and notice my car hiccup. After exiting and making a quick stop at autozone my car died while I try to reverse. Took it home and check, two out of the spark plugs were dark where it sparks. Barely made it home because it kept dying on me. Before this happened, a couple of weeks before, my car sucked in some water through my cold air. Also, with water in my engine the level was low on oil. Therefore, the light of my oil engine would come on when I drive it. Then I change my oil and flush all of it out and put new oil in it. That didn't solve the problem. Lastly, I took the car home and here is what I checked on.

-two out of the spark plugs keeps getting oil on it. (2 sparkplug and 4 sparkplug)
-Oil level will get low when reacing 1000 miles
-idle between 1000 and half
-blowing blue smoke
-die after 3minutes of start up
-check engine light is on

Checked and changed:
-spark plugs
-all coils
-Pcv valve
-oil change
-valve gasket
-spark plug seals
-Iacv change
-timing chain checked not slipping

Any clue or idea of what to check next. Please help! Im stuck.
You drove it while water was in the engine? Water doesn't lubricate well. My guess is you fried your rings or worse with that much oil consumption. Compression test or leak down will confirm.

Nick4dei: No after water got into my engine, I let it sit there and ref my engine until everything was out of my engine. But look like a lot of water are still in my engine. I will look into doing compression test.

ibleedblacknred: I didn't buy the car from the dealer, it was about 6 years ago that i bought the car from the owner. And if oil is getting through the rings, is there anyway to tempt seal it so I can drive it around?

DonJulio: I will look into doing a compression test tomorrow and update you all.

Thanks for the quick reply from you all upon helping me to move on the next step. I will update all you guys once I do the compression test.


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A temp seal is a temp seal. By the time you actually fix it the cylinder walls will be fubar with improper lubrication.

Either fix it now or stop driving it.

I'm hoping it's just valve seals but losing that much oil points to rings.
I've had a similar issue with cold air intake on a 2007 civic si sucking in water what I did was got the car home drain all the oil replace with new oil and filter then buy some automatic transmission fluid take each fouled plug out and pour some into each cylinder replacing the plugs as well let it sit for 24 hours turned on the car till it smoked all up waited about 20 minutes with the heater on till it got to normal operating temp then drained everything again replacing everything waiting another 24hrs then start on my car never had issues at all drive the car another 50k before it was wrecked in an accident

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