Anybody from Toronto?


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Not Toronto but close.

I'm just north of Newmarket in Keswick. I'd be up for a meet but unfortunatly I'm in the process of preping my teg for paint. Actually I'm looking for Canadian teg owners who have body kits installed. I'd like to install a type R rear wing but I want to cover all holes and us the brake light wires. Also I'm looking for side skirts which look good with the DC 2 front end. So far I'm finding vendors in the West Coast area and shipping charges are huge. I'm willing to go over the border for a couple of hours to pick stuff up.


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I'm from Toronto! Neither of my tegs will be done for a while unfortunately...

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i'm from t.o. just got a used green teg sedan 175k. what are simple things i can do to my car? this is my second integra. my first one a 1994 all stock died 3 years ago with 500k. i'd like to make this one last long too it has 176k. ie. what can i use to clean carpet and seats?

i hate the tan interior, thinking about using duplicolor's vinyl and fabric paint. yes or no?

it has fender rust, a few rust spots, bubbling. how can i repair it myself?
if i'm not able to fix the rust myself, where should i go?

good snow tires?

where i can get the dents out?

best places to get accessories besides Pacific mall?

i don't know much about cars but i'm researching.

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Hey Guys
Sorry I have not found any introduction thread so i post here my intro. Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy please
I am Morris from Ontario, Canada. I am here to say all you hi. this is my first post and I am 22 years old. my Dream car is Ferrari Spider and I have Honda Civic 2009. I love to play game on PC. My Favorite games are BF3, MW3 GTA IV. Now today I heard many news about acura so that's why I am trying to get information abut that.That is the reason i joined this forum. I hope it would be a great time with you guys.


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I am also from Toronto! Would love to meet up, except my car is off insurance for the winter season now.
Canadian144, I recognize you from jdmr lol.


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Hi guys I am new to the site and I live in Toronto. I own a Da9.8)