anyone actually ride bicycles?

with these bike racks ive seen, who actually rides bikes?

i dont have a roof rack (itll actually fuck up the frame where it clamps to) so im in the process of looking for a tow hitch rack for the 4runner.

i picked this up to ride on the roads and trails around san diego.

mongoose detour

its 26", 21 speed, flat black, dual suspension, front disk brake and rear "drum" brake. lol!! i removed all the stickers so it doesnt have any graphics or names on it besides the mongoose emblem on the front. ill put up an actual pic of it later.

i also got my wife this

schwinn high timber

26", 21 speed grip shifts with front suspension.

theyre not super high top quality bikes but its good enough for us. we try to bike regularly but as of right now, we've been quite busy but we go as much as we can. even if its around the neighborhood.

lets see what you got!!

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At least it isn't a WalGoose. Mongoose has made me quite sad in recent years with the crap they've been putting out. I'm more into BMX cruisers though. Me & my gf both are trying to get bikes to help us lose some weight in the near future.
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Lol, so wait, is it a Walgoose or did you get it from an actual shop? My last Walgoose, the welds at the rear snapped in half from me attempting to ride it hard. Fun times in middle school lol


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Heres my bike

lol! I ride. I have a Haro bmx bike. (think it used to be an X2 but now I have replaced almost every part). Then I have and old school Haro Escape that I am in the process of turning into a fixie. I have a bike rack for the teg but take it off when I am not using it :D


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Nope, wanna get back into bmx tho. Got kinda pissed after my redline and custom Elf got stolen. Got a sick setup that i need to finish. Just needs a crank, wheels, and bars.