anyone actually ride bicycles?


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the second one. lol!

tomorrow, my coworker is bringing in his thule roof rack with kayak mount for a jetta for me. bought it for $150. gonna need the clips, mount feet and bike mount. i have a feeling this is gonna cost quite a bit. at least imma put it to use rather than looks like what most fools do.

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Now you need to paint it to look like your car like I'm gonna do :p. I wish I bought local's when he was selling but didn't want one at the time.

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paint the roof rack?

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I think I'm going to paint the frame silver, wheels white, the wrap parts in purple.

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Just picked this up a month or so ago as an alternative form of exercise since I missed riding so much and I'm 30 now. It's a new leftover 2012 Felt Ethic. 14mm axles, SST ORYG, 3 piece crank set, 25 tooth sproket up front and 9 in the rear.



I used to ride a lot. I built 2 bikes from the ground up. I had a 26" Blk Mrkt Riot which weighted 26lbs suspension and 24lbs rigid.

Then I had my United Mothership (the heaviest bmx frame at the time). It weighed in a high 19s

And when I sold it.

Unfortunately I really messed my knee up and had to sell them both. I parted them out so no one had my bikes.

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I've got a Giant Yukon 26" hardtail mountain bike, WTB inner and outer locking grips, WTB Velociraptor tires, Shimano Diore derailleurs, and a Manitou front fork. This bike can climb through anything. I've done uphills over wet roots, thick mud, slick rocks, and sand and never got stopped because I lost grip. I've also gone 39.7 mph downhill (according to my bike computer) with that setup. I need to get some pics of my bike.


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i used to have a GT freestyle bike i picked up for free. traded it for an OEM acle back. lol!!

ive seen some cheap (under $200) on amazon. i was looking at fixed/flip-flop wheels. they seem pretty cheap. mag wheels are pretty pricey (3 or 5 spoke alloys)

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