Anyone around MD, WV, VA area???


Quick-Spool Racing LLC
Not your way exactly, I'm in Towson, md


Quick-Spool Racing LLC
De sucks. My ex went to udel. Never liked the area. Lol Ryan, come down 95 and cruise with us


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DE is absolute trash lol. Nothing at all to do here. I'm in ocean city or Virginia beach every chance I get over the summer lol.

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New to the Integra World as I just bought an 01' GSR in May 12'. Located in Jefferson County WV.

Cy Green

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I'm fairly close, Frederick, MD. There are a few teggys around here, but most of them are beat up and very disappointing. The best kept one that I've seen was by an older lady.

Ominous G2

Lots to see and do in that area, definitely check out the Chesapeake area. We'll have to teach you how crabs are supposed to be.