Anyone know where to get valves ajusted? How do you adjust valves?

hey peeps does anyone knwo where to get valves ajusted my are clicking pretty loud on my b20b engine? can anyone help???


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its actually not that hard to do a valve adjustment.

Tools Needed:
12 mm Wrench
Flat head screwdriver
feeler gauges (.007" and .008", .009" maybe)

take off the valve cover and set the engine to top dead center in cylinder #1
all the lobes in the first cylinder should be pointing away from the spark plugs

loosen all the rocker arm bolts and put the feeler gauge inbetween the rocker arm, and the cam lobe. i use .007" for the intake and .008" for the exhaust.

slide the feeler gauge inbetween the rocker arm and the lobe while tightening the adjustment on the rocker arm until you cant move the feeler gauge. slightly back it off so you can move the gauge a lil bit, and then tighten the nut down.

turn the engine over counterclock wise so that the 3rd cylinder is top dead center and repeat the same thing as #1 cylinder

turn counterclock wise for #4

turn counterclock wise for #2. then you are done

after i tighten it down, i like to put the apprpriate size gauge back in and make sure i can move it again, and then i insert a feeler gauge one size higher, if it can get in, i redo the valve adjustment, if it cant, i move on

i rotate the crank one whole revolution until the #1 cylinder is at TDC again, and recheck all the valves.

my valves used to make a lot of noise, but now all i hear is the injectors :)

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