August '12 ROTM Winner: XjoEnX


not a girl lol
love this car!! only thing i don't like is the height. just a tad bit lower


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I would kill to have your car!!
It have just about everything I want on it
Thanks man!

I'm with those two on not believing that its your car!

you sir, need a swap, and 98+ taillights!
I'm happy with the motor, for now. LOL. I have 98+ taillights but don't want to put them on since I'm going to make some custom JDM taillights. I like the UK taillights I have installed too.

Uhhhhhh, edm lamps trump any others! I would cup his balls for those lamps, breh
Yikes. Next time I see you, I'll have my ass to the wall and my hands covering my twin boys and their water gun.

Maybe he doesnt like two white spots on his ass....
I don't like anything on my ass except my clothes.

Well if his ass is glowing red, then there is still something going poorly for him

clean but not feeling the wheels
Last time someone felt my wheels, he ended up in a wheelchair. :evil: Oh wait... you mean you don't like the wheels? I think they're cool.

love this car!! only thing i don't like is the height. just a tad bit lower
One of these days. lol

You should put up that long shot with all three of us!!
I think I should. I got a lot of stuff to do tonight and a lot of resizing pics to do also. Still got a shit load of photos to upload from Saturday. That silver Miata was bomb-diggity.

My favorite VSM teggy.... Gah I love it

You got my vote for sure as nicest most use able teggy .
Thanks man! Appreciate the feedback!

f*** useable/form/comfort

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Fuck microwaves! Worst cell phone ever.


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For real!! So much competition this month. I really don't know who to vote for cuz I like everybody's car. Lol


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Same here! I'm thinking that there's a chance of getting a draw this month. Lol