August '15 ROTM: R13


The other asshole

No name SRI
Custom billet cam cap made by member Dlo
Mishimoto silicone radiator hoses
GReddy 4-2-1
GReddy Evo II

Itr wing
98+ Tail lights
98+ Front end
94RS's old amber corner lights :lol:
Unknown carbon fiber hood

Ep3 wheels

Hurst pistol grip
Pwjdm shift boot
Panasonic dual-din
Red cluster LEDs



No fucks given.
You better take that cam seal out before you sell this turd.


The other asshole

I might put a blox seal in though unless dlo can get me a blank.

Debating on taking out my mishimoto hoses too, though they would help sell it I would like to keep them just because of the story behind them lol.

I'll have another integra one day too, either a gsr or itr.

Funny part will be some kid whining when I tell him I'm removing the decals and wings before I give him the keys. :lol:


The other asshole
What was your shutter speed for you engine pic?
6 seconds :lol:

If you do it in complete darkness you can turn you shutter speed to that max before it says "bulb" and just experiment with the flashlight.

Keeping the light moving at a constant steady pace will assure that there are no bright spots, which there is in my pic where it says "motor co." :lol:

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